Uvala Krknjaši

Those of you who have already been here need no explanation, right? You have to admit you`ve been left speechless with what this region has to offer as a holiday destination. Crystal clear sea, beautiful weather, amazing scenery and delicious food are just some of the reasons Central Dalmatia should be on everyone`s holiday bucket list.

Whether you`re an adventurous free-spirited individual or a family of five looking for something children friendly, Central Dalmatia is the place to be. Here you can choose between numerous beautiful beaches with character, enjoy delicious menus in different restaurants, visit cities with ancient history and meet locals who are well known for their spirit and mentality that will surely catch your attention.

Stiniva, Vis, izvor: HTZ, autor: Aleksandar Gospić
Stiniva beach, island of Vis, source: HTZ, author: Aleksandar Gospić

Dalmatian lifestyle is very fast catching and even contagious 🙂 if you`re here for a longer period of time. Learn from the locals, take your time to have your morning coffe without stress and rush, and by time we think at least an hour because that`s how long it takes here – believe it or not.  Take a walk through breathtaking cities and immagine what it was like here centuries ago. The “centuries old” spirit still exists in our cities stone walls, narrow streets and monuments that really tell a special story. The region capital, the city of Split is a place with great examples of ancient architecture like Peristyle, the middle aged Romanesque Church and Gothic Palace, Renaissance portals, Baroque facades but also amazing modern architecture.

Split, source: HTZ, author: Ivan Čorić
Split, source: HTZ, author: Ivan Čorić

Let`s not forget one of the most important aspects of having holidays here – mesmerizing gastronomy. You just have to try black risotto, pašticada, fritule and so many more dishes that will make sure Dalmatia stays in your memory forever. The taste of Dalmatian wine and local olive oil will make you want to never leave here. Take a walk through local vegetable and fish markets, feel the real spirit of Dalmatia through all the colors and scents there.


For those of you who are more of an adrenaline type, Dalmatia has numerous activities that will satisfy your desire for adventure. Try rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, zip line and many more activities to have the full adrenalin experience.

Central Dalmatia really is a place you need to experience, breathe the local air and dive into our crystal clear sea. Let us take you on this journey you`ll never forget!

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