Blue cave


Adriatic`s blue jewel

The Blue Cave is located on the eastern part of Biševo island and with its beauty constantly attracts numerous visitors. The cave has two hatches – small rowing boat can pass through a smaller hatch and on the southern side, below the water level there`s a wider one. It is best if you visit the cave around 12 pm, when sunlight passes through the underwater hatch, while breaking through the water and reflecting on the cave`s bottom creating a real spectacle of blue and silver light inside the cave.

It`s an experience you do not want to miss!


Blue cave, source: HTZ, author: Ivo Pervan

Bol, Zlatni rat, autor: Ivo Biocina

Zlatni rat, source: HTZ, author: Ivo Biocina

Zlatni rat beach


Zlatni rat is a half kilometre long pebble beach that looks like it has stretched her hand out to the sea and you can find it located 4 km from the town of Bol on the island of Brač. Depending on the wind and sea currencies, the beach is constantly changing while forming interesting shapes that always impress visitors.

Stiniva beach


The best European beach in year 2016.

This exceptional beach is located on the south side of the island of Vis. If you are approaching it from the seaside, prepare yourself for a wonderful surprise that awaits behind a narrow passage between two steep rocks – there is a little hidden paradise and the perfect place for relaxation!

Stiniva, Vis, autor: Aleksandar Gospić

Stiniva, Vis, source: HTZ, author: Aleksandar Gospić

NP Mljet, autor: Damir Fabijanić

NP Mljet, source: HTZ, author: Damir Fabijanić

Mljet national park


Mljet national park is located on the western part of the island and it`s whole surface is extremely rich in plants as well as many endemic and endangered species. If you are a fan of cultural heritage, Mljet national park is the place for you because of its numerous archaeological sites. The most visited attraction of the national park is a Benedictine monastery located on the island of St. Mary on the Great Lake.

On this island, you can discover many beaches and sea caves while enjoying a canoe, and if you are an adrenaline fan, you can join the traditional international Mljet Half Ironman race. Mljet is a perfect place for all of you who enjoy Mediterranean spirit, culture and nature.

Krknjaši cove, island Drvenik, author: Mario Jelavić

Krknjaši cove, island Drvenik, source: HTZ, author: Mario Jelavić

Krknjaši cove


Blue lagoon that yachtsmen simply adore.

Krknjaši cove is located only 7 nM away from the city of Trogir, on the island of Drvenik. It will be hard for you to resist this place because of its beautiful turquoise colour and amazing nature, where you can anchor and really enjoy the privacy.