“I don't plan anything anymore. I just live my life. Sometimes the way I want to, sometimesthe way I have to. It's the little things that color life. Little things are happiness. That's why I love little things. And big bags. I carry them with me everywhere, because I owe myself a couple more walks between the expected and the unplanned."”

Ivo Andric, writer

Your well deserved dream vacation

Marina Lav is an ideal starting point for your well deserved dream vacation, and our surrounding area proves it. Dalmatia is rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage and interesting events and has a well known spirit and mentality that will surely catch your attention.

Explore amazing cities, islands and natural scenery in the surrounding area and let yourself take a walk between the expected and the unplanned through all colours, tastes and scents of Dalmatia.

Did you know?

Sea temperature during summer is between 25°C and 27°C

We enjoy over 2700 hours of sun a year

Croatian coastline is 6278 kilometres long

1244 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs embellish our archipelago


Take a walk through ancient cities that will leave you speechless.

Source: HTZ, author: Ivan Čorić


Anchor in beautiful bays of Dalmatian coast.

Author: Tina Neuhauser

Natural scenery

Discover natural scenery that makes us especially proud.

Source: HTZ, author: Mario Jelavić