Gooshter Beach Club is a gathering place for the stylish world travellers & sun worshippers that offer mix of society, culture & cuisine from east and south.

Every day exactly at noon the sound of the gong signals the start of the day’s programme. The DJ comes onto the stage and music starts. Hail the setting sun is the most important ritual…Special sunset cocktails are made right on the beach and the sunset cocktail menu is offered while the DJ is playing the music just for that occasion.

Our bartenders create cocktail experiences that tickle all the five senses. Creative presentations and concepts, unique flavour profiles and rituals around the drinks and during service.

Hipster but polished look staff translates into service culture – informal but attentive and professional. The same is with cuisine – unique east – south, unformal street food concept. Food is brought in the woven baskets and is kept inside takeaway containers. Everything tries to simulate the cool and easy going feeling, even while eating; there is no complicated cutlery and crockery..